Stocker Construction Inc. is a Family Business

Harold Stocker
• Independent Building Contractor for over 45 years
• Second generation in building business
* Father and uncles were also builders
* 3rd Generation Each has over 17 years of Experience

Kelly & Kevin Stocker
Both are third generation builders with over 20 years experience.

The Stocker family has lived and built in Alaska since 1978. The strong work
ethic has been passed down from our ancestors and we approach each new
project with enthusiasm and pride in workmanship seeing the projects through
from start to finish. We prefer to have our own hands involved in putting
things together, keeping only enough employees each of us can manage as we
do our own work. We enjoy the actual work because building is creative and
much of the work is outdoors in our favorite playground - Alaska.

What We Do

A sample of some of the types of buildings we have constructed include:
office buildings, medical clinics, community service buildings, custom
homes, 5 Star + Alaska Craftsman Energy Efficient Homes, multifamily
dwellings, industrial equipment buildings, agricultural barns and equipment
buildings, marine docks, building moving, building raising, residential,
commercial and public building remodeling, and remote site cabins, lodges,
resorts, marine floats and various kinds of log structures. We have put
together many pre-cut, pre-fab, trailer and modular buildings and have even
built modular dwellings for remote site installation.

One area of construction for which we are called upon a lot here in
Southeast Alaska is retrofitting and refurbishing existing buildings. We
solve a lot of building problems that require extensive foundation
underpinning of all kinds, building leveling, structural retrofit, rot
repair, moisture and condensation abatement, and roof restructuring and
repairs of all kinds. The years of experience in this area of construction
repeatedly reminds a person of why buildings fail prematurely in Southeast
Alaska. For Stocker Construction, Inc. there is no boredom. Partly because
we like what we do and where we live and we are talented in most phases and
types of construction, but also we are always challenging ourselves to do
new and better things in construction and we do our best to keep current
with new products and ideas.

Our skill allows us to do concrete and block and pile foundation; decorative
concrete flatwork; stone and brick fireplaces and veneers; flagstone and
ceramic tile work; platform, balloon, pole building framing; drywall hanging
and texturing; interior wood trim, counter tops and even cabinet building
just to name a few. Our skills and tools allow us to build a home turn key.
For remote site development in Alaska a wide source of skills is a valuable
asset for making sure all the pieces of the building puzzle fit together
properly and the project becomes cost efficient.

Call on Stocker Construction for an Analysis of Your Project
and Check Out Our Experience First Hand

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